Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A girl and her cat

We've had a couple of nights at my parents, the girls and I, although Leila still isn't well so we didn't manage as much recreation (read coffee drinking and lunch eating), as we'd expected.

When Ella was around 3 she went through a phase of not liking being away from home. She would miss her bedroom, her stuff - so going away meant taking even more baggage in trying to bring home with us. Leila is 2 1/2 and although I warrant she wasn't feeling well, these two days away introduced another element to our lives, "I miss Eddie, want to go home to Eddie". Well, Eddie ain't going to be coming on holidays with us, not even for a weekend away, so let's hope this phase doesn't last long.
She's still not well, but it's amazing what cuddles from a somewhat reluctant boy cat can do to raise a young girl's spirits.


Kiki said...

Ohh Eddie, you look so cute wrapped up in pink. ALWAYS look cute!

Sandy said...

I hope she gets better soon. It's amazing how pets can lift our spirits. I'm glad she has Eddie.