Monday, April 06, 2009

Snip Snip

From the time Ella started kinder, school holidays became haircut time. In the first week of each holidays, so only a few times a year, we head of to the hairdressers for a cut.

Although Leila isn't yet at kinder, she still feels they're her holidays as well and therefore it's become her routine too. I'm lucky, both my girls LOVE going to the hairdressers and would go much more regularly if they were allowed.
Our holiday routine also always includes going to the movies and again, Leila joins in on that now, although she tends not to sit still like her big sister, which means it's no longer as relaxing as it once was. This break I think it will be Monsters vs Aliens, although some interest has also been expressed in 17 Again!! We usually have at least one overnight stay with nan and pa, as well as afternoon dvds. This break Ella wants some mum time, as we just haven't had much of that since school started. Her wish is for getting our nails done (not something we've ever done!), going to the theatre and then out for dinner!! I haven't actually looked into the logistics of that yet, but I think I may try and work around it somehow.
What are your holiday routines/treats?


Prue said...

We usually try and incorporate some sort of trip to the city into our holidays, such as to a museum or a ferry ride or walking across the Harbour Bridge. Apart from that we have lots of visits to the park, and we hope to invite some friends over from school now too!

Angie said...

Great photo, although I'm not sure she looks that happy with it!

I'm going to show my son, hoping a bit of your daughters' enthusiasm for haircuts may rub off.

Anonymous said...