Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Sandy is someone I've met through my etsy shop - I guess she's what you'd call a customer, in fact my best ever customer. It was Sandy who contacted the babycino website suggesting they review my dolls, it's Sandy who has bought so much from me and it's Sandy who has been so forthcoming with the sweetest support and encouragement of my little business.

Perhaps it shows that I'm not really business minded but when Sandy contacted me most recently to ask me to make another precious piece of material (a family keepsake) into another doll's dress I suggested we do it as a swap instead of a sale. Today we received her parcel and it wasn't just posted, she'd wrapped everything so beautifully. She'd sent the material for my part of the swap, together with some kidsafe cutting knives she'd recommended to me and some gorgeous cards from her own etsy shop. You really should check out her shop, there are some wonderful things and I think her counting and alphabet cards are really unique.

Thank you Sandy, again, from all of us. x

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Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

You are too kind. I really love your creations. Thanks for suggesting a swap. It was fun, however,I think I got the better end of the deal though. Hee hee! I know you are going to make something really beautiful with my grandmother's material. Thank you so much! As for the knives, let me know how they go. They work great for some things, but are jaggedy for others. Overall, the knives are surprisingly sharp, but very safe at the same time. Tyler hopes Ella and Leila enjoy them as much as he does. I'm happy the package arrived safely and in incredible speed. Take care!