Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Celebrity Sightings

I am new to Loobylu although I know many of you aren't. It's funny when she's so popular knowing she's in the same town as me - she sounds nice too.

It's an old post of hers, but it got me to thinking about celebrity sightings of my own - so here goes.

Back in the late 80's when my boyfriend and his friends (followed by me and mine a few years later) were in the throws of 21st birthday parties, Guy Pearce was a guest at a party we were at in suburban Beaumaris. He was in the middle of his Neighbours career and he was there with his girlfriend. I remember they didn't really talk to anyone and no-one spoke to them for fear of appearing star*****rs.

I "met" David Suzuki twice. The first time was in Vancouver in a cafe on West 3rd Ave. I was sitting there writing in my journal and he walked in with another guy and ordered coffee. I was sitting there, jaw dropped gawking like a school girl. I was trying to figure out what to say, if I should say something, if I'd appear an absolute knob if I did. I wasn't as discreet as I'd hoped, he looked at me and smiled. "I really admire you" were the words that came out - gawd! "Thanks, that's really kind", collected his coffee and walked out. My girlfriend was at UBC at the time and told me he was a lecturer there and I could go along if I wanted to - but I didn't manage it.

The second time was when David Suzuki came out to Australia for a booksigning (I think of The Sacred Balance) and we went to a bookreading/signing of his that Readings were having in Carlton. Everyone was sitting around having a drink before it started and he snuck in a side door and was just looking around with no fuss, alone. I was nearly hyperventilating again, funny, just find him so amazing, so I went over with my copy of the book (I had to climb onto the stage and walk across in front of everyone to get there) and had him sign it. This time I think I said "I think you're wonderful". He was, again, very gracious and very low key.

I fell in love with Sarah McLachlan's singing (and probably her too a little) while living in Canada in the 80's. When I was back in Melbourne I applied for my dream job as office Manager with 3RRR. I got through the interview process from something like 400 applications, through 3 interviews to be one of the final two. In the end I missed out because the other person had community radio experience. That was the only job I've ever really wanted and I was completely gutted, felt like life would have been so different if I'd been chosen... anyway. About 6 months later the EG published a note saying Sarah was touring. I called the Prince for tickets - they had no idea what I was talking about. Many phone calls later it was a typo and it was an industry only gig to promote Surfacing. I was beside myself thinking she'd be in town and that I couldn't get there. What to do? I called one of the guys (whose name I now can't recall) who I interviewed with at RRR. I told him about the situation and asked if there was any chance I could go on RRR's guest list. He said it was uncanny I'd called at that moment, for he was holding in his hand an invitation to the very gig I was talking about. Sarah wasn't his cup of tea - so we went. It was at the Continental upstairs and was amazing. We were in the front row, about 1 metre from her, she was mesmerising. Afterwards we queued to meet her, got a cd signed and had our photo taken with her - super stuff.

Sat next to Ralph Fiennes and his wife at the Notting Gate cinema - can't remember what the movie was but Geoff would. I found it disconcerting.

Sat opposite Scott Wolf from Party of Five on the Subway our first visit to NY in 2001. Geoff wasn't impressed, but I loved that show and was seriously impressed. Okay, if it had been "Charlie" I would have been even more breathless, but I was happy.

I have more, but it's bathtime here - how neglectful am I??!!


Pina said...

I think you are getting popular, too! :)

I have never seen anyone famous in my life (I don't think that Slovenian celebrities count here).

Lindsay said...

Hi Victoria

Thanks for asking about O, she's doing really well now. The weekend of her hospital stay was pretty traumatic for all of us, and she was very sore and couldn't sleep but after a few days and some good long restful nights she's back to her usual funny self. I found it all very upsetting and helpless this time around, but she deals with it much better than I do, thank god.

I've just realised I haven't posted in ages! Will definitely play your About me game, once I get back into it again!

Take care x

Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

We kind of take celebrities for granted here. But it's still pretty surreal when you actually know them on a personal level. Through his work, my husband knows a few celebrities including a couple of supermodels (!!). As for me, my closest physical encounter with a celebrity was getting stepped on by Sarah Chalke, most famous for Scrubs, while in a movie theater.

Christelle said...

I think my hottest memory -) is George Clooney in a street of Barcelona. I spent the rest of the evening with a big smile on my face o)

Ché & Fidel said...

On a saturday, while working at Alannah Hill in Oxford St, Paddington, I met Kirsten Dunst. She was in Sydney promoting the first Spiderman movie. She was wearing a vintage jacket which she later told me was her mum's from when she was an air hostess. We chatted for a while, she was adorable and I sold her a red scarf with a cat on it. A good story that I like to share x