Thursday, October 10, 2013


How did we get here so super fast, a decade having passed since I birthed our first child, our beautiful Ella. I can no longer really remember what it was like before she was here with us.  I have plenty of memories of course, but the feeling of being without her, or being unaware of her, I can't recall that at all.

She's a serious child, at times, but has a crazy silly sense of humour as well.  She's great at silly voices and as many male mates have funny discourses using "in the know" language, she does the same with her dad.

Super creative, losing herself in her drawing for hours at a time, she is a talented young woman who I hope never loses her passion for making.

Still sensitive and easily wounded she has found ways to protect her heart more than she did in younger years, but has also now managed to surround herself with gorgeous young friends who are as similarly kind and gentle as she.

Happy 10th Birthday Ella.  We love you so xxx


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Ella!... what a lovely post V. you give me hope that my eldest's gentle soul will find ways to surround himself with like. I hope that you all had a lovely day in this dreary weather :) x

Preets said...

Your daughters are so gorgeous :-) . I am the mother of two little girls with exactly the same age difference (3 years 3 months?), and I think that's one of the main reasons I love your blog so much. Mine are only 4 and 1, so it's a bit like looking into the future for me. I've been reading for a while but never commented. Happy birthday to your big girl!

Sandy said...

She resembles you, V. She's a gorgeous girl through and through and all because of your love, attention and devotion. Happy birthday, Ella!

Kristi said...

oh my double digits. happy birthday ella.

Kiki said...

There's nothing better than finding people, friends similar to ourselves. She is so fortunate to have done that so soon.

Happy birthday week to you all.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ella!! Love your fox t-shirt :)