Saturday, August 10, 2013


Only a few days ago she arrived and now she's gone, 5 days before she should have been.  We've known each other for 14 years but I haven't seen her for over three.  We used to see each other every day.

She is tender hearted, generous, kind, loving, fragile.  She is the person whose company I am easiest in.  She listens and hears me.  She teases me and tells me when I'm talking crap.

She slept in Ella's room and it still smells like her.  I walk around the house and can't believe that she's even been here she went so quickly.

There are times in our lives where we can offer all the support we have to those we love, we can try and walk a difficult journey with them, but ultimately they're only words we offer, we really can't DO anything. Her suffering is like my own, her loss is mine.

Someone has been careless with her heart and now it's in pieces.  I can offer words of advice, trying to comfort, but I can't fix anything for her.  She feels alone and I want to make it otherwise, but I can't.

You are amazing.  You will be okay.  You are not alone.  I am so very far away, but you are with me every moment and I will send you all the encouragement and support I can.  Try and be strong for your small ones.


Karin - The F Girl said...

That sounds heartwrenching. I hope she will be ok. She will, with a dear and warm hearted friend like you.

Sandy said...

If she has you beside her to help her through this heart ache, then she is very lucky and blessed. I hope everything rights itself back up and her heart becomes whole again. Sounds like it will be a long journey though. x