Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The garden is filling in, a shimmer of green covers most trees and bushes, those that aren't heavy with blossom.  Our back yard is very small, but really quite lovely and once green takes over it's a little oasis. The air is warm, the sun's shining and my mind turns to barbecuing.  We rarely sit outside in the cooler months but once it reaches October we love to spend as many evenings having dinner outside as we possibly can.

I have such clear memories of the girls being just babes and toddlers here, sitting outside under a temporary "tent" over our clothes line with a half shell pool underneath, melting Frosty Fruits dripping down their little chests and into the water.  Geoff cooking something on the bbq, frosty cold beers, staying out until the mozzies overwhelmed us.

Life is moving very fast, as a mother time is running through my fingers.  Ella celebrates her 9th birthday in a few weeks and Leila begins school in the new year.  I never anticipated being home full time to be as nourishing as it is.  I know that it could well begin to wear a little thin and recognise that this time isn't forever, but I like being here, with the girls, every day, every hour, while I can.  I feel lucky that we have balance in our lives and comfort that affords me to stay home.  There will be a time when I'll want to return to that life that switches between mum and Victoria, but now I'm happy and I'm so glad that I'm here, thinking of barbecues, brushing hair and breaking up holiday spats!

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Sandy said...

Enjoy every minute of it! x