Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When I was younger my mum collected fuschias. She would nip out little cuttings whenever we were out walking and tenderly nurture them to full grown plants.

Our next door neighbour has a fuschia outside her front door which she is only too happy to share. We now "borrow" little tutus of our own to enjoy, although their lives are somewhat less long lived than those of years ago. There is a little magic everywhere is only you're open to it. I know this sounds cheesey, but I've got my rose coloured glasses on right now, and the view is just lovely.


Bel said...

My dad was an avid Fushia collector/grower and yes I too remember going for walks and he knocking on doors to ask if he could pick a cutting from someones front veranda.

They always remind me of him and maybe this will be the year that I try and find a nice shading spot out of the Queensland heat and try and introduce my little boys to the beautiful flowers to :)

Thank you for bringing back some memories for me today

Enjoy your week xx

Kate said...

That photo is just lovely!
The afternoon after the first night my farmboy and I spent together, he bought me a pot of fushias. Those little ballerinas will forever be dancing giddily in love for me.

Sandy said...

My mom loved fushias too. We had a surprising lush "backyard" growing up in SF. Gorgerous photo!