Saturday, September 05, 2009

It was all her idea

Tomorrow is Father's Day and we have had a tradition with Geoff of taking him out for yum cha - I think we've done it for the last 3 years, this will be the 4th. That means there's no opportunity for the girls to make him breakfast.

This morning while I was in the shower Geoff took Leila to the shops for milk, paper etc. I could hear Ella clattering in the kitchen, it actually sounded like she was drying up dishes. When I was dried and dressed I came out and she'd set the table as you see it and was in the process of mixing up pikelets - I kid you not!

I helped her cook, although having her near hot pans gives me the heebie jeebies. She wanted to make an early Father's Day breakfast for dad since she wouldn't be able to do it tomorrow. It will be fun, I know, it always is - the yum cha - but perhaps next year I should leave what we do to the girls, it is their dad we're celebrating after all.


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! What a clever girl and a gorgeous dress too! Enjoy your fathers day..

Kiki said...

That is fabulous, what a clever girl! I'll admit to being nervous if the girls are near the stove or oven too but I suppose they have to start sometime.

I hope they tasted as terrific as they look.

Feronia said...

Wow - that is one clever girl you have there! Hope you all had a lovely Father's Day.